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Rahul Sharma


The course would include Live Call Support from mentors.The growth of the web and digital technology as a media group has had various significant and unforeseen impacts on 21st-century life. With various large as well as small businesses coming in the market, Digital Marketing can assume a ground-breaking role in the business world. Thus, it becomes clear that Digital Marketing is the future and the only key is to understand and learn it. This newly launched course, curated by a team of highly experienced Digital Marketers, is rife with practical assignments and evaluations to give all candidates hands-on learning experience. The course is designed to help you develop a data-driven marketing approach and teach you to work on unconventional growth hack strategies which would help you scale revenue, and link your every effort and money spent with revenue earned . The course covers all aspects of Digital and Growth hacking from organic, paid, ads optimization , nurturing, marketing analytics and much more. It also covers advanced topics such as Google Tag Manager, Data Studio, Fb and AdWords ad scripts.


  • Extensive coverage of Digital Marketing topics
  • Project-Based Learning Approach
  • Basics & Advanced Topics for Interviews
  • Expert Doubt Support for 6 months
  • 50+ live interactive sessions
  • Quiz & Live Projects after every unit
  • Certification Of Completion
  • Learning management portal for 6 months
  • Track your performance online

Syllabus/ Course Content

The Marketing Framework

2 Items | Duration : 22

Marketing Framework 1
11 Mins
Marketing Framework 2
10 Mins

Content Marketing

2 Items | Duration : 17

Content Marketing 1
13 Mins
Content Marketing 2
4 Mins

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SEO - 1

3 Items | Duration : 43

SEO Video 1 Intro Part 1
16 Mins
SEO Video 2 Intro Part 2
18 Mins
SEO Video 3 Intro Part 3
8 Mins

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)

8 Items | Duration : 1hrs

Keyword Research Practical
11 Mins
On Page SEO
11 Mins
Backlinks Intro
15 Mins
Backlinks Practical
15 Mins
Black Hat SEO
9 Mins
Introduction to Local SEO
8 Mins
Local SEO Practical New
7 Mins
SEO Audit
15 Mins

World Of Websites

5 Items | Duration : 35

Website Introduction 1
6 Mins
AWS Setup
8 Mins
Practical Video 1
11 Mins
Technical SEO Practical
5 Mins
Buying Domain & Integration on Go Daddy
3 Mins

Search Engine Marketing

8 Items | Duration : 2hrs

Intro to Search Ads
9 Mins
How Does Google Auction Work?
9 Mins
More About Search Ads 1
15 Mins
More About Search Ads 2
14 Mins
How to Optimize The Campaign
16 Mins
Creating a Display Campaign
19 Mins
Creating a Shopping Campaign
21 Mins
Setting Up Conversion Tracking
9 Mins

Social Media Marketing

9 Items | Duration : 2hrs

Introduction To Social Media
10 Mins
Introduction To Facebook
33 Mins
Creating FB Page and Event
19 Mins
Creating Pixel and Intregating With Website
15 Mins
Creating Paid Ads Campaign on Facebook and Instagram 1
11 Mins
Creating Paid Ads Campaign on Facebook and Instagram 2
23 Mins
Build A Brand On Instagram
17 Mins
Build A Brand Using Linkedln
11 Mins
Youtube Marketing
17 Mins

Email Marketing

5 Items | Duration : 1hrs

Lead Nurturing
14 Mins
Email Marketing For Creating Awareness
12 Mins
Email Automation & Workflow 1
16 Mins
Email Automation & Workflow 2
8 Mins
Email Marketing Tool: mailchimp
19 Mins

Target Your Customers Again: Re-marketing

2 Items | Duration : 24

Remarketing Using Google ADWords
15 Mins
Remarketing Using Facebook
8 Mins

Google Analytics: Track and Optimize

6 Items | Duration : 1hrs

Google Analytics Setup
15 Mins
Integrating Google Analytics to Website
15 Mins
Google Analytics Introduction
9 Mins
What Are Goals?
9 Mins
Other important Reports
8 Mins
Practical Session
17 Mins

Google Tag Manager

6 Items | Duration : 1hrs

Set Up GTM
15 Mins
Integrating GTM To Website
15 Mins
Introduction: Click Trcking
13 Mins
Scroll Tracking
3 Mins
Adwords Conversion Tracking Using GTM
14 Mins
Facebook Pixel Integration Using GTM
8 Mins

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