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Digital marketing is the act of promoting and selling products and services by leveraging online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. It's how today's businesses are getting their message in front of their best prospects and customers.

Rule #1 in marketing is to make the right offer at the right time and in the right place. Today, your customers are online: hanging out in social media, staying updated on news sites and blogs, and searching online when they have a need.

In practice, digital marketing typically refers to marketing campaigns that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or other device. It can take many forms, including online video, display ads, and social media posts. Digital marketing is often compared to “traditional marketing” such as magazine ads, billboards etc.

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At RSTech Softwares, application is our craft and passion. We create dynamic application to solve business problems. We work on diverse projects ranging from simple information systems and websites to complex enterprise type architectures, desktop or web-enabled applications. Our focus of custom application development is on making the application scalable and stable so that as your business grows, your online application does as well.

RSTech Softwares is committed to its customers worldwide to deliver the trusted expertise, right-sized and smartly engineered IT solutions with a strong focus on security excellence. Our customers cover a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. Our reputation for excellence and delivery is a direct reflection of our people. We aim to carve a position in the forefront, and it is our continuing goal to gain the trust of our clients.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

  • Keywords will be added for maximizing the reach and rank improvement.
  • Titles and page descriptions will be created.
  • Meta data and all the different Tags and Texts will be made and updated from time to time.
  • On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO and back-links, we will be maintaining all of them and more.
  • Full website analysis.
  • Error corrections (404,html etc.)

Social Media Marketing

SMM refers to both organic and paid digital marketing efforts on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other popular social media platforms. It is the nerve center of business and brand engagement for large subsets of the population.

  • We will be posting relevant content regularly and building an engaged audience of followers to help grow your business immensely.
  • Studying and filtering out the hashtags according to your business profile.
  • A minimum of 14 Creatives will be posted per week with suitable hashtag and at the right time to engage as many customers as possible.
  • The posts will range from photos, short videos to gifs.
  • Every post will be published on all relevant media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Posting of ads through social media platforms.

Youtube Optimisation

Given that YouTube is a video search engine, you should approach content creation in a strategic way, as you would when optimizing your website. This means conducting keyword research to find out what your audience is interested in and how they talk about it online.

  • Also known as Youtube SEO
  • Analysing the Youtube algorithm to determine the best time for video uploading.
  • Video Editing of RAW videos.
  • Creating Popular Thumbnails.
  • Finalizign appropriate Title and Descriptions.
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Assigning suitable Tags
Social Media Influencer

Celebrity Promotion

By using a celebrity’s fame or social status to promote a product, brand or service.

  • Static Picture Post
  • Carousel Post
  • Instagram REELS
  • Video Post ( on Feed )
  • Story with Swipe Up
  • Video Story with Swipe Up
  • Story Reshare
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